Laboratory Gear Pump

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Laboratory Gear Pump

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  • Laboratory Gear Pump - GF-302/GF-303
Laboratory Gear Pump
Model - GF-302/GF-303
GF series Gear Pump

【Function and Feature】
  1. Full-colored LCD touch screen control panel.
  2. Suitable for transferring thicker or high pressure liquids.
  3. Low noise and no pulse transferring.
  4. working modes: flow, time dispense, volume dispense and copy dispense modes.
  5. Excellent anti-interruption design. Wide range voltage tolerance suitable for complex power supply environments.
  6. Magnetic coupling design for easy maintenance.
  7. Servo motor drive, high efficiency and maintenance free.
  8. User calibration interface for constant accuracy.
  9. Smart cooling system for long lasting usage.
  10. Compatible with different pump heads.
  11. External control interface included.
  12. RS485 with MODBUS protocol for easy connection.


【Suitable Tubes and Pump Heads】

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