Laboratoorsed vahendid

Laboratoorsed vahendid

Pengeluar, Pembekal, Pengeksport, Kilang dalam Taiwan


Yotec Instruments CO.,LTD.

YOTEC is a leading manufacturer in design and production of scientific instruments in Taiwan which was founded in 1989. The head office locates in Hsinchu city with an area more than 2000 square meters and two branch offices in Taipei and Taichung.

Through our specialized, in-depth knowledge and vast experience, we work closely with customers to provide standard or custom-made solutions.

For being a better supplier of our customers, in 2006, we got our first ISO9001 Certificate and more than 10 patents for our products.

Our experience of more than 30 years, acquired us a position of a dependable manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hotplate, peristaltic pumps, stirrers, spin coater, precision balance, furnace and so on.
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All these products are tested and manufactured to ascertain it's acceptance in the diagnostic sector.Furthermore, we offer our OEM products as per needs and requirements of the client.

Yotec made “Activate your innovation” as our slogan as we believe innovation will make our world a better place and that is what we are trying to help our customer with. Therefore, our clients can concentrate on their innovations without worrying about the instruments which was purchased from us.

Yotec Instruments CO., LTD. Pengeluar terkemuka, Pembekal dan Pengeksport Laboratoorsed vahendid, dengan sebuah kilang di Taiwan. Kami membekal dan mengeksport produk bertaraf tinggi secara konsisten dan berterusan memperbaiki proses pembuatan dan persekitaran kerja melalui penglibatan pekerja total dan pematuhan ketat dengan etika perniagaan yang adil. Kami telah mendapat beberapa paten dalam bidang. Keikhlasan dan kerja keras kami telah membantu kami untuk padan dengan kualiti kami dengan piawaian antarabangsa. Jika anda berminat dalam mana-mana gaya produk kami, sila merasa bebas untuk hubungi kami.